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Logiciel Ghana Limited Products

Zigloi Zigloi is a real time integrated cloud based micro-banking platform for microfinance companies, FNGOs and other financial institutions. eSpyon eSpyon is a real-time revenue collection and electronic monitoring system tailored for Universal Banks and any revenue collection institution. Creditmax Creditmax is cloud based system custom made for credit management (Loans) and tailored for Micro […]

Core Banking System

A core banking system is the software used to support a bank’s most common transactions. Elements of core banking include: Making and servicing loans. Opening new accounts. Processing cash deposits and withdrawals. Processing payments and cheques. Calculating interest. Customer relationship management (CRM) activities. Managing customer accounts. Establishing criteria for minimum balances, interest rates, number of […]

Farida Bedwei

Farida Nana Efua Bedwei is the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Logiciel (Ghana) Ltd, a software company developing banking systems for the microfinance industry. Her role involves assessing the industry and coming up with practical solutions, which are easy to use by persons with no formal banking training. She believes the informal sector, which […]